years with code and Design

  • Widespace AB

    Sr. Studio Engineer
    For 2.2 years

    Working in 9 global markets with 10 offices and 220 employees worldwide, this company gave me the opportunity to understand European market and its design standards. With them, I developed more than 300 Mobile Ads, worked in 5 Web Applications and iOS app projects. An invaluable experience in my career.

    Aug 2014


    Sep 2016

  • NewsCred Inc

    Senior UX Designer
    For 2 years

    Dubbed as ‘The Leader in Enterprise Content Marketing’ and equipped with cutting-edge technology, this startup actually taught me to think big. 70% of the clients were listed in 'Fortune 200'. A rocking time it was!

    Aug 2012


    Jul 2014

  • Jaxara IT Ltd

    UX Designer
    For 3.5 years

    Jaxara, the offshore development office of Pantheon, has groomed me to be deadline-oriented. Jaxara has an unofficial slogan for development team "Deadline never shifts, even if the earth does :)". I lost count of how many projects I have done with Jaxara and never missed a deadline!

    Mar 2009


    Jul 2012


    Web Designer
    For 2.2 years

    My entry to the world of Web Designing. A humble American company which used to handle clients way bigger than they themselves were. They taught me to be fearless!

    Jan 2007


    Feb 2009

  • BRAC

    Cartoon Animator
    For 6 Months (Part-Timer)

    It was a sister concern of BRAC, world’s largest NGO, with offices across all over the world. My job was to develop animations for the underprivileged children. A gem in my career!

    Jul 2006


    Dec 2006


Worked for more than 200 plus Top Brands

My 10 years of job experience gave me the opportunity to work with those brands. I am fortunate enough to have worked with some of the iconic brands, who are revolutionary in their own rights. Some work types are ad creation, landing page, website UI and UX, aplication pages UI and UX, prototype, project style guildline, HTML markup, CMS design customization and many interesting design work. I am greatful to my office Widespace, NewsCred, Jaxara and Evoknow!


New technology and technique are something that drives me the most. I am an ardent follower of works created by great developers and designers worldwide.

Variations of work

Web Application

80 plus
(UI & UX)

Website Mark-Up

250 plus
Website Mark-Up

Mobile App

4 plus
Android & iOS

Landing page

100 plus

AD Creatives

150 plus
AD Graphics


1,500 plus


5 plus
Design Prototype


40 plus


A Work
Beyond ‘Work’

I always believed, great designs can help things change in a great way, and this put 3 of us like-minded friends to launch - a non-profit environment based startup to give back to Mother Nature.

So far, we have created more than 2,000+ contents for its 60,000 followers.

Our hard work paid off when we won the First Position in the Startup Competition, conferred to us by Launchpad Dhaka. And then next year we achieved Indian Manthan Award from India.

A motivation indeed!


And when I don’t
get to work,
I do work too.

But only to soothe my eyes capturing photos with my old camera.

I do share my captures online and the number of downloads is not that bad too: 28,429 to be precise! I am happy to see creative writers, designers downloading my capture for free. It’s the pay-back time you know!


‘Words’ are my toys to play with. Yes, I do love to write online about my
thoughts, dreams, encounters and experiences.

In the eyes of Others

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Shovy has an great eye for details, not only making things look great but also making the end product easy to use. Easy going and a pleasure to work with!

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I had the pleasure to work with Shove during my time at Widespace. Shovy is curious and is eager to learn. He often contributed with good ideas and solutions regarding user experience, while also showing great craftsmanship in the latest front end technologies.

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I had the great pleasure to work with Shovy under our employment together at Widespace in 2015. During this time he showed both an immense talent, great creativity and a sharp eye for design and form. He did an excellent job in shaping the front-end GUI for one of our internal projects that was much appreciated and praised. Shovy as a person is open, easygoing and humble. Qualities that I think are vital for any professional to have in any working place.

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Shovy and I have been working closely together and it was always a pleasure to work with him. He is not only motivated to do an outstanding job, he is as well reliable and has an eye for detail. He is professional, has creative and inspiring ideas and most of all is a very hardworking and nice person to work with!

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Shovy Rahman is a bright talent. He has a colorful personality and multitalents. He likes taking up challenges and explore doing new stuffs. I should mention about his confidence and knowledge what he does.

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I know Shovy from Widespace where both of us was working together. Later on I leave Widespace but we have worked on several projects. From the very beginning Shovy showed great expertise in the field of UI/UX development. His profound knowledge and skills help us to complete the projects way before the timeline. His opinions on website or web application design is undebatable and he always thrives for the very best.

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I have worked with Shovy Rahman for more then 4 years. A great UX and UI designer with high professionalism. His designs are used by many international companies. His versatility on creative artwork and design is commendable; which goes beyond just UX. Last but not least a fun mate to work with.

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Shovy is a great graphic designer. His creativity, desire and passion made him the ideal designer.

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When you take Shovy's name, the following words come to your mind: fun, enthusiasm, uniqueness and some awesome work. Worked with him in a few projects and he just rocked with his performance. He has clear understanding of what he's doing, understands the client/project requirements from a bird's eye and produces some awesome outputs that barely needs testing. One of the best UI/UX guy I know. Strong recommendation for him.

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I used to call Shovy vai as উস্তাদ (master). He is really a master in graphics design. I have worked with him for more than four years. In these days, I got in him is, whatever you envisage in your mind, he is able to paint it with some enhencements of your thought that you did not event think of in a esthetic, elegent and catchy way in no time mostly. It was an honor for me to have such a tallented, responsible, friendly and funny co-worker and mate.

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I have seen many designer who are self-critical, but I’ve never seen another designer who is so hard on himself. He takes his work very seriously and perform on the highest level. He aspires to improve his skills. HIs work is Clean. If the canvas doesn’t feel clean, the design isn’t going to taste good. He is impatience. He is stubborn and insist on having things his own way. He sets the standard for self-discipline. He is always looking ahead. He’s never satisfied with his work. He’s always trying to find ways to make the design better or to improve his skills. Even now, that’s what he thinks about everyday. He is a perfectionist.

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The first thing that comes to mind about Shovy is perfection. Although he is very friendly, but he never compromises any technoligical complexity with the outcome of his astute UX design. He is a very good UX designer and works best when you give him an idea and let him come out with a state of the art solution. He always picks up new ideas and new technologies very quickly and thus remain always ahead of team mates. He is also very helpful and circulates his thoughts and knowdege within the team and thus creates a very tight bond within the team. I feel like working with him again and again.

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